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    external/internal slave cylinder

    i was wondering what the difference is between the master slave cylinder from an internal and an external slave cylinders. i have an ax15 but it is from a 93 and its an internal slave, and my original plan was to swap the bellhousing and the bearing retainer, and make it an external slave cylinder since my jeep was an external, but after looking all day at junkyards for a bellhousing i couldnt find any, so i guess now ill just keep it with the internal slave cylinder, but i dont know if i have to swap the master slave cylinder, and the lines,(im sure the lines i have to, but im not sure about the master cylinder) thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Re: external/internal slave cylinder

    i have a 94 YJ that had an AX15, (now has a NV4500) but it cam stock with an external slave.the master cylinder should be fine, and as long as the hose connection will screw onto the new slave then everything should be ok! why do you want to change back to an external? and you should be able to find the bellshousing and slave at quadratec.com (key word replacement parts)

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