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    Post YJ 4WD problems

    I am having a issue with my daughters 89 yj jeep the four wheel drive works but binds on dry pavement, not when turning but when driving straight down the road, feels like it is coming through the floor boards, have checked the front and rear axles to make sure the gear ratio is the same and changed fluids 3.07 ratio. Pulled transfer case and made sure all looked good inside chain and forks and gears all looked new but still am having same problem, went thru all vacuum lines and corrected all issues so indicator light comes on in dash, the indicator is a little slow to shut off at times. Looking for a little help at this point.

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    Re: YJ 4WD problems

    #1 don't use 4wd on drive pavement. #2 there will be bind as it's a part-time system that does not allow any slip in the system to account for use on dry pavement. Small variations in tire diameter, air pressure, and turning all work together to create bind in the system.

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