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    DW experience.

    Ok not a technical thread.
    But today I witnessed and somewhat experienced someone else's DW. Driving north on the highway, at 70mph, in a busy (everyone tailgating) lane. I was behind a lifted Dodge truck pulling a trailer, when he gets DW. On comes the break lights and I see the dust plume erupt from his tires as he screeches to a stop and veers off the roadway. Luckily the left lane next to me had room so I changed lanes and got a close up view.
    He had at least 35 in tires on what looked like 20 in rims. The DW looked like it oscillated from stop to stop. And the front end hopped and looked like it left the ground as it oscillated. Maybe it was worsened because he was stopping abruptly and leaving the roadway.

    When it happened to me I was in road construction with NJ barriers on each side of me for the next 2.5 miles. I slowed to a near stop but couldn't stop or pull over until out of the construction area. That ruined my tie rod ends, and of course the track bar.


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    Re: DW experience.

    Take away from this:


    what a recipe

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    Re: DW experience.

    That's rough.

    My death wobble comes back about every two years. I fought with it and have found that it's almost always my tie rod ends, so I replace all of them and get an alignment and things are good for another two years, when it slowly starts to come back.

    With my Jeep, even when the parts are worn, if I stay out of the 45 - 55 mph "danger zone", I normally don't see any death wobble. I don't know what I'd do if I got it going 70 while towing.
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