1. 2004 Overland steering

    Good morning I have a'04 Grand Cherokee Overland, had a shop rebuild my front end. They used a kit for a'04 Grand Cherokee. It now drives horrible all over the road. Are there different lengths of the parts for an Overland? I believe it has a small factory lift. Thank you. I'm in La Grange California

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    Re: 2004 Overland steering

    No. Parts are the same. But not every shop knows how to properly align a 4x4 with a lift. My guess is the toe is to great.

    Start with doing a dry steer test to be sure nothing is loose or worn.
    Engine off. Someone moves steering from lock to lock while another inspects all tie rod ends. Connections and bushings for movement.

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  3. Re: 2004 Overland steering

    To check alignment all you need is a tape measure. Measure same point to same point on front of tire, then repeat on back of tire, then you will at least know if its alignment and how it needs to be adjusted if it is.

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