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    Picked up some cool new socket wrenches

    I was working on my mom's Jetta and had a really hard time getting my socket wrench into some tight spaces. I found these socket wrenches at harbor freight $26 with a lifetime warranty. I really dig them you can have a long bolt that goes right through, and fit them in some tight spaces.

    Wish I had some of these sooner.

    Picked up some cool new socket wrenches-img_20220524_175810268_hdr.jpeg

    Picked up some cool new socket wrenches-img_20220524_175827244.jpeg

    Picked up some cool new socket wrenches-img_20220524_175837845.jpeg

    Picked up some cool new socket wrenches-img_20220524_175839740.jpeg

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    Re: Picked up some cool new socket wrenches

    nice! i might have to grab a set
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    Picked up some cool new socket wrenches

    Yeah kind of nice!! Could have used those building decks and picnic tables. Old bicycles and exhaust clamps too

    Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson
    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

  4. Re: Picked up some cool new socket wrenches

    Cool functional for a while . Pretty. But my friend get quality, no plastic, you want those babys to last forever. I done went cheap, not worth going cheap on. Just voiceing from experience.
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  5. Re: Picked up some cool new socket wrenches

    got my heart broken at wallmart. Went in to get a leatherman, great multifunction tool. wanted an upgraded version from the one I have. There was one for 50, which was all steel but didnt have what I wanted, siccors, saw etc. Then there was one for a hundred, with a plastic button on it. I damn near had a stroke, noooooo not leatherman. Well I got to handleing it. Couldnt get it open, clerk helped. WTF we failed,couldnt get the darn thing open. I want something to last a 100 yrs or so. Thats just me.
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    Re: Picked up some cool new socket wrenches

    I have one of those old Leatherman. I actually have one in each vehicle and on my bicycle because they can sure save your butt.

    Look at antique stores and in pawn shops. I have found them for 5-10 bucks with the leather cases .

    I also get the other brand too, Gerber, the mil spec ones they handed out to us in the army, back in the 90s.
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