Picked up a new set of tools to bring off-road


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I've been looking for some time for a set of tools to take off-road that do not rattle. I found these channel lock tools at my Sam's club for only $99.

I'm pretty happy overall. The case has real metal hinges and if you shake it, you can't hear any tools rattle inside.

It's got a lifetime warranty but you'll have to mail away the broken piece for them to replace it so I doubt I'll be using that.




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Very nice. Plus, you can easily see if something is missing, a big help on the trail. It looks like you'll still need to add a few things like pliers, dikes, baling wire, and those star sockets if your Jeep uses them...I like to keep a set dedicated to the Jeep tool bag so I don't go off and forget to add my bench tools to the bag for a trip.
I totally agree. Up until now I've had a large canvas bag with all my tools - separate wrenches and sockets, with the ratchets always at the bottom of the bag...

I've found the thing that has been most useful on the trail has been a baggie of common fasteners. I've used it twice when parts of the Jeep decided to no longer stay connected.