Got some new jack stands.


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Had a bit of an impulse buy at harbor freight today. I had developed the bad habit of only using a jack when working on my Jeep so I decided to get some quality stands that would reach all the way up.

I like the idea of a locking pin, so I'm pretty excited


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Haven't actually used them yet but it looks like good stuff. It's fairly light compared to other jack stands I've used and it looks to be tall enough.


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Nice and tall.

Check out the Project Farm YouTube video of tests on jackstands. It is a pretty realistic test.

Here's a set of jackstands from my youth that are now being restored.

20230204_jackstands before and after~2.jpg
Nice looking stands!

I have some harbor freight 6 ton stands that I bought because they are very tall, but they are just too heavy to use, so I barely break them out. These new stands are light enough that I can move them around one handed. I also like the large rubber pad on top.

I've always wanted a pair of taller jack stands but they are pricey and the want is greater than the need.
I have a 4 of the harbor freight 5 ton stands and 2 of their 3 ton. They are all the ratcheting type manufactured long before their recent stand failures. I also have couple of the cheap 2 ton stands that utilize the safety pin but they rarely get used.
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i like that the bases have plates so they don't dig into the ground.

i have a dirt driveway so those things make life alot easier
I also lack concrete/pavement and often set a scrap piece of plywood under the stand to keep it from sinking.