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    I have a pretty large brush guard on my jeep that I'm getting a little sick of. I have the Black Euroguard which is very big and covers the whole front end. The guy I bought it from bolted it down and then welded it. Gettiing it off would be a problem. I've never needed it before. What are these things really for. for me it's just protecting my grill from rearending someone. what are the pros and cons of these things????

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    POP! front wheel drive...

    That thing will not protect your jeep if you were to hit somebody, it'll just be pushed back into the body, damaging the body AND the brushguard.

    I can see where the ends would help save your fenders in the woods, that's about it.

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    A large amount of those brush gaurds are made for looks only. Some are good for mounting lights and protectiong the grill but on a wrengler you do not need it. I would say for looks only. You can alway cut it off. It probablyl vibrated a lot, so he welded it. I would think it would get in the way while wheel'n
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    This would be a good time to buy a real front bumper that will do you some good. There are many out there that give you something in return for your investment. Get one heavy enough to make a difference in a brush up with another car in the parking lot and give you some recovery points. Tug

  5. Most of my damage has been knocking the driveing light s off. And dead branches and such getting up underneath, the motor and messing up wires and hoses. I´ve also poked holes in a couple of radiators.
    I´ve installed light guards, the rest of the junk really doesn´t do much. My help keep a deer out of your radiator, when they were first designed, they were supposed to help, flip a Deer over the roof, instead of into the windshield, but evolved into something else.
    I´ve seen a few brush guards that were in accidents, didn´t save the Jeep much. Actually seemed to do as much, if not more damage.
    Some guy sued the driver of a Range Rover, said his son would be alive, if the Rover didn´t have a brush guard. And won the suit. Just a matter of time until they discontinue the things all together (or make them out of rubber)..

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    Well with that said, how do i get this beast off???

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    Sell it bumper and all and get a new bumper of better quality. There are folks out there that will want what you have as much as you would want rid off it. eBay might be a good starting point. tug

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    and if you wanna keep your bumper and just remove the guard.... a recip saw and/or a cutting wheel will be sure to do the trick
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    The best way to make sure the front of your jeep doesn't get all messed up is to NOT hit anything! worked for me so far!

    hehe get rid of the whole thing, bunty is right, most grille gaurds will do more harm than good in a accident. Al you need is a street legal bumper with provisions for two d rings and a winch mount!
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    I have had brush guards on all my vehicles. There mainly for looks but mine have all been very sturdy and able to take abuse. The olympic brushguard that came on my jeep is pretty good for the grill and all but someday Im geeting that arb bumper
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