1. Subwoofer harness colors

    Looking for some insight, I have what I think is a 2005 center console subwoofer that I was going to add to my 2003 TJ. I have a number of wiring diagrams for it but the colors of the wires are different from what is indicated on the diagram. I really need to identify them so i cann run them to the radio. Any thoughts?

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    Subwoofer harness colors

    Stock radio? The outputs from stock w/o sub is different from stock w sub. And it's radio to amp to sub.
    But from what I've read and heard the center console sub and amp sucks. While you have the console you could buy an aftermarket low profile sub and small amp that will be much better.

    Hook wires up by function.

    Crutchfield is a good source of info and product. Having the correct year is important.


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