Alarm light, now it blinks like crazy?!?


So I have never noticed this thing before because it might blink once and then go out. Now... it's gonna give me a seizure?!?

What I did:
So everything was fine, except I couldn't use Android Auto because I kept losing the interface... aftermarket radio, yadda yadda. Haven't used it for months. Today, decided to disconnect center console USB and run cable under dash. Works great now!

Then the light show started tonight and my new alarm blue led stayed on... that red light blinked several times and then on and off every 1 to 2 seconds!

UCONNECT??? The USB port runs through the unconnect but WHY would it need that input to work properly?!?

Thanks Screenshot_20220713-213502_Firefox.jpeg

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... this effing Drone Mobile did it to me again!!! It updates and automatically selects valet mode, which causes it to act weird. No clue why but gawd dang!!!

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