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    Fuse panel identification

    I have a 1994 Cherokee XJ 4lit RHD and I would like some help in finding what the fuses in the internal fuse panel do.
    I have searched far and wide to identify the panel as it seems different to all the pictures I can find. I have attached a pic below. There seem to be a lot of empty slots, but everything works!!
    With most things, the RHD version is a mirror image of the LHD car, this one may be different.

    What started this is that the blower fuse (one of the 30A ones) has just started blowing intermittently and it took a bit of finding. When it's replaced it's OK for a while then it goes again. The motor seems fine and smooth. The aircon is not used.
    Any suggestions on that one?
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    Re: Fuse panel identification

    Can't help with the panel. Owners Manual?
    As for the loping fuse. 30A is 30A and if the fuse is piping there is an issue. This can lead to a fire as 30A is a lot of current.

    Resistive connections failing blower motor or intermittent short.

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