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    4.0L Engines

    Hey does anyone know if I can get a 4.0L motor and ax15 transmission out of a 97-Present Jeep Cherokee and put it in my 95 YJ? Trying to use a newer engine in my YJ, since I went 4wheelin this past weekend and didnt have the torque that i wanted. If this is possible, what all do i need to get out of the donor car, so I can make this work? Do I need to modify my TC to fit the new transmission, or can I just take the TC from the donor and use the driveshaft I currently have in there? Just trying to make sure when I start pulling things, I get everything.

    Thanks in advance,
    2001 TJ 60th Anniversary Edt., 4" Rough Country Lift, Spartan Locker in D30, Engine Lift 1", Belly up skid plate, 1" body lift, Airaid Cold Air Intake, Magna Flow Exhaust, 33X12.5 Super Swampers

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    Re: 4.0L Engines

    Turbo it, easier and cheaper than a new motor. Espically going from a 4 banger to the 6.

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    Re: 4.0L Engines

    The 2.5-4.0 swap isn't as easy as most people think, it requires just as much work as if you were to swap in a v8, and you end up with just another 4.0L jeep with a hacked up install.

    The XJ drivetrain will work but you will need the XJ transfer case and transmission computer. Keep in mind that the transfer case is clocked lower behind the XJ transmission than it is the YJ transmission.

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    Re: 4.0L Engines

    Go V8. or small chevy v6. and go v8 in the future. the work for the gain a 4.0 offers over a 2.5 is simply not worth it.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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