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    If I want to do an engine swap on a 1990 wrangler, what would make a good engine swap. This jeep has an automatic trany. Would like to know if their is a better engine than the tired six that's in it now. Preferably something that would bolt right to trany. Any info on engine swaps would be helpful. Thank you.

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    A reman 258 would be the easiest. Another option would be to have an experienced engine builder build you a 4.6L stroker using a 4.0L block and 258 internals.

    Consider using an engine/transmission/transfer case from a donor vehicle to save huge on adapters. Good options are the GM 5.3L and 6.0L drivetrains, as well as the lighter 4.3L vortec.

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    Thank you for that great info, greatly appreciated.

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    The 5.0 swap was very easy on the wrangler i had. Almost bolted in, if the motor mounts were not welded on.
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

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    I had a tired 4 liter also and decided to go with a 350. The only thing I had to really do was the engine mounts and an adapter to the trainy. I would swap out the automatic for a standard, you would have more control over what your jeep will do. If you do that you can get a direct bolt trany transfer from a chevy that would be a good upgrade. Going with a v 8 will give you more than 1 1/2 times more horse power and tourque with just a plane 350, for a little more you can get a beast of an engine that won't quit. Mine has gone over 250 degrees several times and is still as good as new. Of course I use the top oil, AMSOIL ZROD. If you go that way you will have to make sure your water pump is high volume and have at least a three core radiator.

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