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    I have a 97 tj can someone tell me how much lift I can put on it before I have to install a sye kit

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    What size tire are you trying to run???

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    what state do you live in? google the state law FIRST.....THEN ask the question again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackflack44 View Post
    Texas has no lift laws..I just checked....which is really cool for you!
    try this:$375.htm
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    Ky has no lift law and I
    am looking to put 33s on it

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    4" lift to clear 33" and use the included transfer case lowering kit.

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    4 inch will I have to use a sye kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneckrage View Post
    4 inch will I have to use a sye kit
    so for. 3.5 inch lift a SYE kit would also be a must ???

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    some people have no problem with up to 4" lift with the transfer drop. others have vibrations that drive them nutz at 3". You should b able to run 33's with 3-3.5". if u are going wider than a 10.50, make sure you get a better offset rim and tubular control arms or you will rub the crap out of them. my last 97 I was running 4" and 35's no problem, but i did use the transfer drop and left my sway bars connected most of the time. Hope it helps
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