1. Introduce yourself!

    This is now a general welcome / introduction thread.
    New members can use this thread introduce themselves here. Anyone feel free to give our new members a warm welcome
    To new members:
    - who you are?
    - where do you live?
    - what school do you go to or what work do you do?
    - what are your hobbies?
    - how did you find us? (through another forum; a friend; a gaming website; through Google; word of mouth; etc) And for the more older members amongst us, what made you decide to stay?
    - which Eidos game brought you to this forum?
    We'd like to know as much about our new members as possible

    I hope to learn new things on this site in time.
    Thanks for read.

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  2. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the site

    SALES 888-844-3393

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