1. Unhappy wrangler death wobble

    we have a 2005 jeep wrangler rubicon with a 4" lift that has what I've seen called the "death wobble" we have replaced tires, steering stabilizer, track bar, upper and lower ball joints, track bar bushings, tie rods, sway bar bushings, had an alignment and re-aligned tires. What are we missing ?!!? it stopped for a couple days after replacing the track bar then about shook me into oncoming traffic, need assistance in narrowing down cause. thanks in advance.

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    Re: wrangler death wobble

    Have someone turn the steering wheel back and forth against full-lock while you inspect every part of the front steering and suspension. Look for any lateral play that shouldn't be there. Track bar is a common culprit, even on recently replaced parts.

    Also check out TerryMason's informative post on Death Wobble on this forum, very helpful.

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    Re: wrangler death wobble

    have gone thru list, castor angle is only thing unsure of, shouldn't that have been handled when we got it aligned?

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    Re: wrangler death wobble

    Should have been, yes. Caster angle will not allow death wobble.

    Remember, DW has two parts. Part 1 is the side force on the tires, be it from a road imperfection or tire imbalance. Part 2 is the loose or worn part that allows the side force to escalate into an uncontrollable wobble.

    The proper caster can reduce the likelihood you will experience DW, but it's definitely not a 'cause'.

    Have you ever replaced the unit bearings on the front axle?

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    Re: wrangler death wobble

    yes bearings and hubs have been changed, has any one had any luck with dual steering stabilizers? hoping that plus getting it realigned now that we have an adjustable track bar will do the trick.

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    Re: wrangler death wobble

    Adding a dual stabilizer is only a bandaid fix, doesn't address the root of the problem.

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