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    softopper yj top

    my softopper yj top came yesterday while i was at work. i was so anxious to put it on and then today the wife had us plans to go to a birthday party in the morning so i had to put off installing the top again, arggghhhh. anyways, i finally got to put it on. its very interesting.

    first, you have to remove your current top. for me, it was the ol hardtop. i had to also find somewhere to put it since i am tires of it being on the ground.

    after that, you are supposed to put on the tub rails and door surrounds. the ones they make are pretty darn good if you don;t have a factory soft top and there for don;t have your own.

    you put hte eye bolt on the back

    then you put some brackets on the surround (that i failed to take pics of) and use the leading bolt from the tub rail to hold the surround down.

    adjust the surrounds so they are nice and solidly seated against the door

    and then you will look like this

    next, you put the windshield header channel on. just like anytime you put it on but they send you a smittybuilt two piece unit with the top, i prefer the old one piece unit so i reused mine. since i had removed it and installed it so many times though, i had to add some more screws. as you can tell, i am planning on not removing this top for a long while :) . oh ya, smittybuilt uses some really cheaply made screws. three of them snapped while i was screwing them in to the windshield.

    after that, you put the rear channels on the back part of the tub. the channels that hold the rear window down

    then you lay the top on

    it has some cool side straps and hte one from rear to front

    after that, you put the windows on, just like the factory top, zip in and zip the rear window in and clip everything down on the bottom

    having never owned a soft to vehicle, it went well. two hours or so to put it on and that includes the spots you have to drill for the 3/8s bolts that hold the channels and brackets in place. there is also a little storage place above the driver's head where the windows go when you have them off. its pretty cool

    the kids like it too
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

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    Re: softopper yj top

    ok, first drive on the highway with it. it flaps a pretty fair amount when you are driving into a headwind. i am going to tighten everything back up tomorrow again and see if it helps with that. the kids thought the windows were very funny from the inside because they are plastic and flexible and wanted to touch them a lot. i had to explain how soft top windows are and how they scratch very easily from dirt and finger tips.

    it was not as quiet as a hardtop but not overly loud either. when you roll the windows up, everything is nicely sealed up. i think rain leaks are not going to be something i will have to worry about because the doors seal up tightly, just like on the hardtop
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

  3. Re: softopper yj top

    I'd like get one to fit my cj. I have the family roll bar from a yj in it

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