1. J

    Tj steering issues, maybe

    So I just got an 02 Tj that has an R title, and the previous owner says it was in a front end collision on the passenger side. the frame want bent (so I was told) but all the motor mounts needed to be replaced and they were. The Jeep also has what I measured to be a 6inch lift, steering geometry...
  2. offpistejeep

    2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ Frame - $4650 (Sparks)

    The frame is a brand new "Throttle Down Kustoms" frame. This structurally sound frame is black powder coated and is a stronger rebuild than a OEM frame. It is hard to come by, but essential for a frame swap or rebuild of the "Unicorn" 2006 Jeep Unlimited LJ. TDK Frame Manufacturing Process -...
  3. B

    ISO Full Cargo Liner w/Back Seats Removed

    '21 JL Unlimited 4DR. Looking for a full cargo liner to go behind the front seats, with the back seats removed so I can load and store my camping gear securely without anything rolling around, sliding under the front seats or destroying the actual floor (no dog, sorry). Most of the liners I've...
  4. R

    06 commander front differential bushings

    Been away for here for nearly 8 years after trading off TJ. Good to see some familiar names still posting. Just picked up a used commander with a unknown lift ( approximately 3 inchs) with the hard jump and thump of front differential as bushings are completely destroyed. Do the lifts for...
  5. Gennybro

    lockers for front

    Want to get lockers for front of 94 yj, need suggestions. stock yj 6 cyl. Thought lockers on the front should be the way to go, cable, air, undecided.
  6. L

    1996 Jeep Cherokee Max Flex Stock

    Hello, Im new to this forum and would like some advice on getting the maximum flex out of a XJ while maintaining stock or very close to stock ride height. The way I'm building my Cherokee is a very practical overall vehicle for onroad and off-road application, which means I will be running stock...
  7. M

    CJ cylinder head size

    any body knows the size of the core plugs on the cylinder head, i have a 1982 Jeep cj7 with 151ci/2.5L L4, VIN B for AMC and Head Cast #: 702 the core plug is in the rear of the head the front have a Thermostat Thermostat open to front thanks for any help you can provide
  8. R

    front shocks

    anybody out there able to tell me which named and part number shocks will fit {replace} my original shocks IN the coil spring on front of my 1998 cherokee XJ...??? 4 wheel drive
  9. 0

    2004 WJ Axle Upgrade Options

    I picked up a low mileage 2004 Grand Cherokee for the base of a mild to medium overlander build. I am looking to upgrade both front and rear axles. I would like some help finding salvage yard axles that would be a good option for these upgrades. I'm leaning toward Dana 44 front and rear...
  10. J

    3.7L Liberty front crankshaft seal

    Looks like I have a slight leak coming from what looks like the front crank seal on my 2006 3.7L Liberty with 100k+ miles on it. Not 100% sure that's where the leak is coming from but it is definitely motor oil & not tranny or PS pump fluid. Had my steering fluid flushed & replaced a few...
  11. J

    Axle question

    I have an 07 wrangler x. Has a DANA 44 rear and a front Dana 30 axle. if I change out my rear for something else, can I re use my Dana 44 rear on the front of my Jeep?
  12. J

    01,WJ , nasty , brake thump

    Hi everyone , Could really use some help 2 mechanics shops and no answers . I had my front and rear suspension rebuilt All new everything and the used the good red rubber bushings . I changed the front brakes rotors and calipers and converted to akebono calipers . The rear pads and rotors...
  13. M

    2004 YJ Front Dust Shield

    New member effective today. Quick question, I need to replace my dust shields on the front of my 2004 TJ. Do I need to remove my hub assembly for this? I'm a newbie to mechanics as well. Also, is there a benefit in purchasing the split dust shield? Thanks
  14. S

    Will a front disk brakes from a 77 CJ5 bolt onto a 74 CJ5 axle?

    I've recently acquired a stock '74 CJ5 project jeep, and have the opportunity to pick up a stock '77 CJ5 for parts. The '74 will be kept relatively stock for farm use as well as the occasional trip to town. My main motivation regarding acquiring the '77 is that it has disk brakes on the...
  15. E

    Bent Front Housing- 1987 Jeep YJ

    Hey so I have a bent front housing on the front of my 1987 Jeep YJ and I was wondering if anyone has replaced this before and what years of housing will work without having to do too much more to get it to work. Probably looking to just replace the whole front end if it’s easier. Any information...
  16. C

    J-20 front axle

    I bought a 78 J-20 without a front axle. I found an axle that is supposed to fit. I don't have the ubolts though. It looks like one of the ubolts needs to be bigger than the rest of them because the spring pad is so close to the cast iron housing that the bolt has to go around that and it is...
  17. S

    Vacuum Canister Reloc to Mount New Front Bumper.

    Brand new to the game.....Just started modding a 2016 4door Rubi I bought used last year. Nothing fancy, just installed a Barricade front bumper that required relocating a vacuum canister welded to the front end. Post installation, I receive an aural buzz of about 20 seconds shortly after...
  18. bradleyheathhays

    Feelin' a little shaky

    I've got an '02 Ford Taurus with 99k miles that's got something loose in the front end but I'm not entirely sure what it is. When under moderate to hard braking there's a quick shaking in the front of the car and the steering wheel jerks in sync with the shaking. Jacked up one front wheel...
  19. C

    XJ License plate bracket install

    I have a 99 cherokee sport. The car was in a fender bender (previous owner) and so the bumper is a factory bumper but not the original so it doesnt have a bracket for the license plate. I have the bracket but I cant figure out how to install it. is there a good way to get into the bumper to...