1. Turbogus

    The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

    Hi gang, long time. As what happens to all of us, "life is what goes on when we're busy making other plans". 'Black Betty' for another season, seems to be in good nick One hiccup was over the winter the trickle charger was set to Motor Sport instead of Automotive. Since my last login I've...
  2. TerryMason

    Bought a new CB

    My buddy that I go offroading with has been on me to get a new CB for sometime now. I finally broke down and bought a new Midland 75-822. It's pretty slick, you can slide on a battery pack, and it becomes hand held, or you can hard wire it in your Jeep and it becomes a more traditional CB...
  3. J

    Electrical grimlin

    2012 Jk wrangler. Within the last year all at once my headlights/blinkers/windshield wipers went out. I replaced the multifunction switches on the steering column. That fixed it. However about a month later they went out again. This time when I changed out those multifunction switches it did...
  4. TerryMason

    Are digital torque wrenches any good?

    Just got a Harbor Freight 20% off coupon in the mail, and I'm looking a this torque wrench: QUINN - 3/8 in. Drive 5-100 ft. lb. Digital Angle Torque Wrench Anyone know, generally speaking, if the digital ones are as good as the old click type? I've got a hand-me-down, no name clicker that's...
  5. M

    Variable Speed Windshield Wiper '93 YJ

    Hello and Happy New Year, I own a '93 YJ and since I have owned it the wipers only go a single speed (I believe it is slow/continuous speed, but I do not have a frame of reference). I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to troubleshoot and isolate the the defective component(s) so that...
  6. J

    Engine chatter, loss of power, blown radiator

    Driving while ago I smelled slight burn smell, check gages all good. Two minutes later, same smell gauges still are good. I down shift to fourth and I hear the rattling slightly, switch into fifth going down hill. More rattling and progressing. I pull over. There's a 5 inch split on top...
  7. TerryMason

    Squealing belt on my TJ

    I've noticed that If I press hard on the gas pedal I'll get a squealing belt sound from my TJ. It's gone on for a couple of months now, and only happens when I really give it the beans. There is a good chance that it's the factory original belt from 2005 (160k miles). Is this likely a belt...
  8. Jagered

    HIKEit throttle response controller...

    Anyone have experience with this? Was looking at some reviews on line... this one is newer than another, forget the name. This one has easier controls and seems good. I had used them on other vehicles and they have made nice improvements. Thanks! Art
  9. R

    1990 YJ Islander 5.7 350 700r4 1800 stall rust free

    8,900 Texas/Mississippi Rust Free 1990 JEEP YJ WRANGLER, ISLANDER V8, 1989 GMC Truck Chevy 350 V8 5.7L With ECM/OBD2 plug in. Mileage unknown, 700R4 Overdrive automatic transmission, 1800 rpm stall speed converter. Complete PAINLESS Wiring, This JEEP is not a hacked up off road only. Aftermarket...
  10. M

    Strange VIN number

    Evening all, I have a VIN number on a Jeep i purchased that does not match any of the decoders I have tried. The third digit in my VIN is a number instead of a letter. Can anyone tell me why or what the 7 means? All other VIN identifiers are good except the 3rd place. That 7 should be an A, F...
  11. N

    Urgent help Please Frame and tub change

    Hey all, I am a new to the jeep world...I purchased a rust bucket last weekend, yes I knew about most of the rust. I bought a 92 wrangler YJ base model, well, here is my story, I have to own up to it...I never pulled the carpets back to complete my search....Well here's my sign.... Ok moving...
  12. S

    Another crank/no start. No spark to coil, new CPS... help!

    Hi all, first post on Jeepz! I wasn't having any luck on another forum so hoping for some help. I have a 1999 Jeep XJ and I have no spark from the coil. The coil is powered with the 12v wire, but the signal wire does nothing. I have checked the other end of the signal wire at the PCM side...
  13. P

    Need some input on buying my first Jeep.

    A friend of mine is selling me a 2007 Sahara with 140.000 miles for $15.000dlls. I know he likes to keep his cars in good shape. Hope I can get some input here about the value. I can load some pic if I’m allowed. TIA
  14. C

    Needing a diagram

    Does anyone have or can point me in the right direction to get a diagram or a good list of all the grounds on a 2015 Rubicon? thanks.
  15. Glennn

    Anybody in NJ want this windshield header?

    We bought an second hand but unused soft for our 16 Wrangler last year. The top was originally intended to go on an 07. For whatever reason the front header would not seal in the middle of the windshield. I ended up getting a Bestop metal header and life was good. If anyone wants this let me...