Engine chatter, loss of power, blown radiator


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Driving while ago I smelled slight burn smell, check gages all good. Two minutes later, same smell gauges still are good. I down shift to fourth and I hear the rattling slightly, switch into fifth going down hill.

More rattling and progressing. I pull over. There's a 5 inch split on top of my radiator. Maybe a hand full of water in the engine compartment. Reservoir is still full.

No water on the ground. Couldn't see a blown head or gasket. Its starts up and idles perferctly. Thoughts?
If you have time. Ty

You need a new radiator.

Buy oem. Fin density is higher than aftermarket and it makes a difference in certain environments like desert and high altitude.

When mine went it was like a bomb.

My thoughts are that the radiator cap stuck and pressure built until the weakest point failed.

Do not run without coolant. If you haven’t damaged the engine yet, …you will.

PS you cant see a blown head gasket by looking at an engine.

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plus the majority of the time a blown head gasket reveals itself thru white smoke coming out the tailpipe
occasionally it will allow coolant into the oil