Location of Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid 2008 grand cherokee

I went to an auto parts store for help with an engine light being on. They identified the part.....Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid. I asked if this was something I could do myself. They said yes, definitely. The part had to be ordered, when I picked it up, I asked if they could show me where it went and the answer was basically no, look on utube. Well I have looked and not found a consistent location and hate to take all these parts off looking for this solenoid. Any idea of where I might find a diagram of a 2008 grand Cherokee. I am inexperienced so don't want to take apart more than needs to be taken apart.


oh man. you tube didn't have a solid answer is a bummer. i cannot help, all i had for grand cherokees were 98 or older. i don't even know which engine is in yours so i cannot help.

i found this online. check if yours is the same as this


If you have the 4.7L, and is like my 08 there should be nothing to remove to get to it. Open the hood and standing in front of the engine it is on the right side behind the battery and to the left of the fuse boxes. Should be very visible and easy to replace. Look at the part that they gave you to see what you are looking for. Hope this helps. If not let me know if you have a different engine.