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Hey guys! First off I want to say I'm new to owning a jeep and the jeep community and all I have to say is WOW!!! I'm loving every bit of it! Anyways the reason I'm writing is cause I have a few questions first I have a 1997 jeep wrangler an unsure of the whole tj,yj, etc thing and what I have and what they stand for!? Pls help. Also the jeep I have is new to me I've had it for about half a year. It's got the 4cyl 2.5L engine I believe with the 5 speed man. Trans. I need to regear it cause it has factory gears? Any recommendations oh it also has a 3inch suspension lift with 33inch mudders! I also wanna put in a 6cyl instead of keeping the 4 cyl do I need a new transmission... Lost?!?! Thanks guys

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You have a Jeep TJ. The designation doesn't really stand for anything (as in it's not an acronym), however it does designate the year:
CJs were made until 1986
YJ - 1987-1996
TJ - 1997-2006
JK - 2007 +

As to swapping in a new engine, generally it's easier to sell the jeep and buy one with a bigger engine. I believe that a swap will require a new engine, trans to start.

Are you unhappy with the speed? The cheapest option would be to get some 31 inch tires. Other than that your best bet is to regear as you mentioned.
Thanks! TJ it is haha.
Na I'm fine with the speed i know jeeps are not made to go fast but I do lose power and speed on the hwy going up a hill and it takes some time to get through the gears. I've heard since I have the lift that I need bigger gears to keep the momentum on the hwy an not lose speed. I heard 411's we about right wyt?

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Terry gave ya the best advice, just enjoy what ya got for the time being, but I know from haveing a 4 banger the lack of power gets old. on the trails it's great highway sucks.

Your factory heating with a 4cly 5spd should be 4.10-4.11. I currently have the same year/drivetrain as you do. I was used to the 6cly Jeeps in the past, with the 4cly you just tend to drive them a bit different. Don't be afraid to downshift and rev the engine when going uphill, 3000rpm won't bother the 4cly, they will rev higher than the 6's. They're are some good gear calculators online if you google them. Also welcome to the forum and enjoy your Jeep!
As stated above, the 4cly jeeps have 4.10 gears from the factory. You would probably need around 4.88 gears and buying and having them installed in both axles can be quite expensive (probably $700-1000). Going to a smaller tire will give some of your gearing back.
Yeah right now with the gearing it ha I usually shift about 3000 rpm while going through the gears to get up to speed. Is it possible the owner b4 me lowered the gears? Just seems like it's a bit of to me!

Thanks CBallard

Is there an easy way to find out what gear I do have?

Thanks CBallard
Is there an easy way to find out what gear I do have?

Thanks CBallard

It is on a tag attached to the axle.

If the gears are still in fact stock they're 410/411

Haha I guess I should have read the whole thread