2.5L performance - hate it or love it, don't care.


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So this is the legit build up of the 2.5L, every post i see has no updates and frankly its annoying. (Just being honest)

My plan is to refresh and rebuild this block after critical failures i've discovered.

Previously before i had time in my day, i had a shop replace my cracked factory block. That engine burned up compression in the middle two cylinders after 20k miles.

They replaced that engine (allegedly) with another rebuilt with no warranty this time and at 10k miles lost all ability to run.

So here i am with the diagnosis, cracked vibration dampener that was silicone (glued) back together along the key-way.
Clogged injectors that 2 aren't even spraying but dumping fuel.

A fractured throttle and spacer plate from the back fire, and melted engine harness.

Valve keepers in the oil pan, and massive rough running and timing concerns, (possible jumped teeth, or bad tensioner) according to the scan tool.

Ultimately i got screwed, and out of getting ****ed off enough about it, im doing it myself. So here we are, the saga soon to start of modding the gutless 2.5L tj into something i dont mind keeping. out of the ten years of ownership ive modded and sold many jeeps better than my own, but now to get into mine.

The plan we've all seen preached but never followed up on is this, "im gonna build it and mod it and blah blah blah" And frankly i dont see it continuing or people documenting. With the advent of technology, i will now do what i do and blog EVERYTHING here for all of you.

Hate it or love it, don't really care, money is being loaned and there is no set bar to what i can borrow.
(Not going to lie, i have a father who wishes to finally have my jeep back in running shape again, and is fronting the bill. How nice of him to do that.)

Places i've been sourcing part from will be the "economy stroker kit" from 505 Performance called and spoke with the office and said you don't need the big one for a daily, the 1600.00 kit is for die hard baja use etc. etc.
Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market for all my used parts that i can pay via credit card and have delivered to my door.

www.ebay.com for other used parts that are OEM or aftermarket.

My guys at R/C Autowerks here in Bridgeview Illinois across the street from my pad can do some tuning to it.
I have constructed a following of folks to network with here in Chicago for information, As an insurance adjuster for Allstate after being a master mechanic for 9 years. So lets embark on this bullsh!t sh!t show together and see what happens.

Thanks all.

Matt - from allstate.


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Very cool, I'm excited to see how it goes
Wow, you've had some bad luck with that engine. I look forward to hearing about the new and improved one.
There is a build page here you could document and share.
Carry on!


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My local machine shop is also excited about this to. My girlfriend isn't too excited she thinks it's a waste of money. I simply told her it's not her problem. But her dad is pretty excited about it. Lol
There is a build page here you could document and share.
Carry on!


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I have seen them. But there's no pictures or documentation. Also it seems like everyone stopped short and doesn't actually complete the postings. Or gives up on the project entirely.

I had my '95 2.5L slightly built and really enjoyed the hell out of it. It was a beast that, with the 5.38 axle gears, scooted the 36" swampers right along.

I was lucky to find a Mopar Perofrmance camshaft before they got rid of the last of the close-outs. Used valve springs and retainers from a Mopar v8 for the added valve lift. Most of the remainder of mods were external.

Currently the economy stroker from 505 is on back order for 2 months. And i ran into the issue of multiple things being broken prior to work beginning, then my truck (99 silverado) had a brake failure. But i have not stopped, parts collecting is continuing and im about 1200 in on parts at the moment, dodge durango pitman box is going in and im looking into big brake upgrades since i landed 2016 wrangler wheels for free. So bigger tire and bigger brakes are coming along onto the build. I have a bent Right Rear axle tube, so anyone with a spare rear axle assembly i would be VERY interested in providing a fair price.
Anyone got a 2004 to 2006 rear axle assembly? preferable the 4.11 gearing with tru-lock? i figured while im at it, i can put that in as well. Please message me with one in the chicago illinois area! a used one would be most cost effective for me and i can refresh it here at my garage no issue.
Hey all! So i relocated to a new house, and things have been hectic since i got married and such, the short-block is built, but being stored. I have tons of parts, but need time to assemble it. Will need to get it repainted and some rust repair done, but im putting everything together still.