75 cj5

Hellerrrr! Back with a few updates. Body work done and primer, ready for paint!


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I'm personally recommending you for an acomendation or whatever medal they give to anyone doing such a fine job ! Got a feeling you will be cruisin' soon and can check out that ride quality .
youll definately be gettin' plenty of waves . Job well done !

I got the roll on bed liner done, but didnt take any pics of that. Been pretty busy at work (summertime at a very large gravel pit) but thats good cause fueling the cost for all this isnt easy! Also bought Painless harness and new headlight and turn signal assemblies, marker lights etc. *JEEP
Thanks Mike =) Ive really been dumping alot of loot into her the past few months. Was hoping to make it to Jeepfest at the end of Aug but I read that 4wd Hardware cancelled it so that takes some pressure off lol. As soon as the paint is cured, new wiring harness. By the time thats in, the upholstery guy will be freed up to do the seats and stuff. Meanwhile I keep thinking of little things I need, and neglecting the shit out of my Lincoln! lol :roll:

I finally get er out and made it to the Monday night carshow =)

jeep cj5 carshow.jpg
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Good things come to those who wait. Perfection shouldn't be rushed. Those are not cliche's , they are the standing orders for one who builds a jeep. The results are sheer perfection. Now that ma'am is one fine CJ ! Job well done . Very proud to be a part of this forum with you . Enjoy !

Note: my signature does say SOA, but we obviously put them back under the axle, requiring new spring plates etc.
Included pics of MORE bombproof motor mounts (I actually did that job myself!) That was one of my first mods, due to a broken mount, probably caused by the terrible angle of the motor from the former Spring over mod.

If you plan on doing any half way serious wheeling you might want to have your fab guy make you some plates to protect those U-Bolts on your spring/shock plates. Trim the bolts and have plates made with holes so you can get to the bolts if necessary.



CAM00276 (1).jpg

Some pics from the paint shop. I wanted the whitest white I could get, so it is "appliance white" lol
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Sorry I kinda dropped the ball since I started this thread, but Im back. Got plenty done since the paint, but not a lot of pics. Had the highback CJ seats reupholstered, and the brand new Best Top installed. Also bought some real nice bumpers from a guy on ebay who makes them. They werent a cheap date, but they are exactly what I wanted, and very well made :)
​Heres a pic from the last car show of the summer last year.IMG_1607.JPG75 cj.jpg
Wow! Im looking at these pics I got to show you guys the Mickey Thompson rims I got, put BF Goodrich's on em, whoo hoo! Theys nice!
Im struggling now to get the roll bar on by next weekend for Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival that starts June 9-11. (going all three days) its in Butler Pa, in case some of you arent aware of the original jeep birthplace (at least it is believed to be in these parts)
Thousands of Jeeps! Cant freekin wait!
Anyhow, Im having a heavier bracket made for under the roll bar plate to sandwich it together nicely, so later I can tie it into the frame. Right now, without any roll bar, it feels about as safe as riding a motorcycle without a helmut. Not my gig, I kinda value my head!
Well, I guess I reposted some pics.. eh wth lol

It's been a while but we got our faith in senior members so don't worry , we left the light on for you . I especially pay attention to your jeep build since I'm currently on the same route . Since your last posts , I've acquired two cj5's myself. One , a 1980 powered by Pontiac which is posted on some thread on here , somewhere. And my second acquisition , a 1973 with a 258 . The '73 needs to be posted up since some of the work has begun but the main event needs to be told on a build thread when it begins. That will be the body and chassis . You know the story , blast the frame and rust proof followed by paint and same for the tub and front clip. But good to hear from you and happy someone is driving a completed ( and beautiful ) cj5 !

Congrats Greg! You are that much closer!
Thanks for the encouraging words, its been a long road!

Congrats Greg! You are that much closer!
Thanks for the encouraging words, its been a long road!

thank you ! It will be a long road for me too ( and $$ as you know ) but thankfully the 1980 needs just some TLC body work and rust prevention to last long into the future but the 1973 is a build . You've gone that route ( with two jeeps if I recall ? ) and now you cruise with pride . The 1973 's body details are different from 1973 pic's I've seen which has me wondering it's past. A body tub swap ? Don't know , too many previous owners . But it's the jeep I got and the one I'm restoring . Tool box , tail gate , the whole nine. Right down to the B f Goodrich original tires . You know the trail , a long journey that begins with the first step and a box of Band aids . Thanks for your best wishes and I owe the forum some pics !
P.S. - enjoy the trip to butler PA ! Home of the jeep !
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Have fun at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Fest!!!!!! I was at the first one(2011 I think) but haven't been back since(life keeps getting in the way). It is truly the Meca of Jeeps.
Your beautiful "75 will surely represent Jeepz.com well.

I'm gonna use this thread to document my build. I've been printing it out and I'm going to put it in an album :cool:
20160601_174832.jpgWell I can't get my pics to post rite side up, but it's a tire yo! lol


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