99 jeep xj chopped


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Has anyone done a street legal chopped xj? I started this project about a month ago and besides some mechanical issues it's starting to come along fairly smooth. Eventually it will have a 4.5 inch rusted off road lift kit in it along with roll bars and other off-road acc. (Winch,jack mounts, lights) with a 4.5 lift in looking to quite literally stuff 35s under it, with that being said if anyone has any input on that, knowing I will have to trim the fenders quite a bit. So far here are the pics of where I'm at now


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a chero manche is in the works, some ruff stuff frame stiffeners will help. i just traced the flares and cut there in the front, and the rears as much as i could. u can fit 37's on 5" of lift :) check notch customs for how you cut for there brand flares, thats a big hole they make in the rear..