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On my 03 TJ, a few times in the past the air bag light would come on but then go off later and stay off for awhile until the next time. Recently it came on and won't go off now. I've seen mention that it could be the clock spring. My cruise control hasn't worked for years and now the air bag light but the horn does work. Is it possible for the clock spring to need to be replaced if the horn still works?

What else could it be?
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Is it throwing a code that you can reference?
Was she in the jeep at the time the light came on?
Check fuses disconnect battery first then reseat fuses.
Check connections back of the instrument pannel.

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I checked the fuses behind the glove box since that's where the air bag fuses are and they are all good. I checked the connections the best I could just reaching around up behind the dash. I ordered a clock spring and I'm hoping that will take care of it and maybe the cruise control too. Not that I would ever use it cause it's a city jeep now but it would be nice to have everything working.

I'll post once done and let you know if that fixed the problem or not.
Snap some pictures of that clockspring install. I have never torn apart my TJ's steering column.

Will you have to remove the airbag to do this?
Yeah, the airbag comes out with just two bolts from the back of the steering wheel. I took it apart once before but didn't have a steering wheel puller and didn't have time to mess with it. It was my daily driver at the time. It "should" be easy. Two bolts for the airbag, unclip wires, remove steering wheel, swap out clock spring. We'll see.

That fixed it all! No more air bag light and the cruise control now works for the first time in the 6 years since I got the Jeep. It was a simple job and it turns out that it had been changed before and was the wrong one! You can see in the picture the green connector. That wire comes out of the clock spring, goes to the top of the steering wheel and splits off to both cruise control switches. You can see the one on the right is plugged in but the one on the left is not even the right plug. It is the white connector on the left and should be black and plugged in just to the right of the Set button. Of course it's not going to work if not plugged in. Luckily the new one had all the right connections and good to go.


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