Any Arizonians?

I am from Arizona but don't live there currently. Used to live outside of Flagstaff and all my cousins live in and around Phoenix Metro. Awesome state. I want to do a road trip and do some wheeling in the desert!
I asked a couple of guys here about that and was told NO, no matter what your always going to be known as Utah jeepster now. I guess its better than some other names I have been called in my life time.

Now we are getting arizonians in here. Good to see. I am thinking of doing a two or three day trek down the length of the rim out past payson early this summer. If I get a couple responses I will pm you and we can work out a date.
I look forward to meeting some of you.
eww a rim trip sounds fun, was hoping to see if any one has done some local wheeling or knows of a few places where I can take the jeep out to shake some dust off and lock in the arb's

If you go out by Gold Field/Canyon, past the Ren fair there are some trails, if ya want desert 4x4'n.
Check out a run to the Coke Ovens out by Florence if your in Sun Lakes.If you want to go North of the valley Table Mesa road offers some good runs

A day trip could be fun, anyone have ideas where to go? Might be nice to hit up some trails out by payson.... I may be a native to the valley but nit a fan. I prefer to get away from the valley.....

Hit me up if anyone else is interested. The rim trail Dustin mentioned is a must!