Are there any NM wheelers out there?

Ya im here in northern NM, headed to the mountains this weekend after the turkey feast. have a little issue with jeep though. need to clear it up before i head out.
Pecos New Mexico.


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If any one is interested the Tumbleweed 4x4 club is coming to Tulirosa NM. 3/3/13 and we r putting together a run in Coyote Canyon.
With the Dessert Mountain 4x4 club &
The Ruidoso Ridge Runners 4x4 club .
Hers a pic of the e-mail sent out to club members ... But anyone is welcome :)


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Had a very good turn out for yesterday's run @
Tulirosa NM. Had 18 jeeps in all !!!!


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ya man im here, Beeeeen buuuuusy. No four wheelin lately but drive the 97 sport with a four inch lift to work most of the time. just put on a smitty built rear bumper with spare tire gate and the recovery clevices. looks good, one day i will put a picture on the site. Later jeepers. : )
Checkin' in from Albuquerque, there's a few of us going out to Puerco tomorrow. 8am at the airdown spot.

Heard the unfortunate news about the passing of Robert AM Stephens (RAMS) earlier this year - hat is tipped...

Posting here to see if anyone has seen 'Vex' lately, or knows who currently owns it!?!

Those who are cloudless - Vex was RAMS pride and joy. It's a mildly built, rattle can flat tan CJ7. He had a 12k winch mounted on the front and back.

According to Rich, the guy who bought/re-sold it, it is still in the Las Cruses area; however, he didn't have any additional information to share.

Please help track down the current whereabouts and post some fresh/recent pics of Vex if possible!

Thank you.

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