Auto-trans stuck in low- high rpms... Diagnosing symptoms within


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I am always looking for reasonable ways to cut down on expenses and save money. One of the best decisions I've made was to learn to work on my vehicles when it is necessary. This time though, the issue may be somewhat out of my hands... here are the symptoms:-Automatic transmission stays in low gear (1st, sometimes 2nd) most of the time when in D, and even less frequently will actually shift into 3rd. -High RPMS (2,500-3,000+) before shifting gears.-On occasion the engine will stall when shifting from D to R.94' Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L 6cyl.What do you guys think? Here are some things I've done already..-Checked trans fluid which was at MAX while hot. Coloration and consistency appears normal.-Checked for vacuum leaks under the hood and hose at trans. No apparent vacuum leaks.-Shift cable check (attempting to turn engine over in all shift selections. Seems to be operating normally (starts only in P and N)).-Transmission Throttle Valve check and adjustment.-Check Engine Light code check. 12 came up for battery disconnect within X? miles. Nothing else..-Tightened throttle body and throttle body plate.-Checked voltage going to Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) connector which read 7.24v. .... Haynes manual says there should be 5.0v coming to this. -Wasn't able to check the VSS itself as this involves raising the rear end, holding one tire, and spinning the other while getting a reading. Should have a second person and my floor jack back tomorrow!I thank you all in advance for your advice and suggestions. I will follow up with (a) resolution(s).In haste,Brandon from NJ

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Try the kickdown rod or cable that goes between the throttle linkage to the transmision. It sounds like that might be sticking.