Cab cover


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Any suggestions for a good waterproof cab cover? I have a water resistant one, and if the cover is not tight, the water pools on top and soaks through and gets the interior wet. I need fully waterproof. But looking for the least expensive one. Thanks for any insight.

put a pipe in the middle of the one you have? not sure if there are 100 percent waterproof ones

LOL, and even that is not 100%

I got this one from and it says it's waterproof and it does a good job of keeping the water out. It fits best when you have the doors off and snugs down pretty good to keep moisture/bugs/critters out. I also had a problem with water pooling above the front seats but i cut a spare piece of 1x6 to fit across the jeep from roll bar to roll bar. Works like a charm.
I got the one a step down that works with half doors. It does a pretty good job too. The only problem is the elastic that holds the back is worn out after about a half dozen uses. My wife cut them off and sewed on some 3/4 inch lashing type strap and quick release buckles. Works like a charm now.