Cpl Recon's 92 YJ Project


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Prior to enlisting into the Marine Corp, i bought a Red 92 YJ wrangler. While in the Marines i put in a 3" skyjack lift, 1 in body lift. all done at the Off Road Warehouse. Ran 31' Super swampers...lowered the gear ratio... only bad thing was that it was a 4 cyl. Fast forward...sold the jeep in 2000 because i needed the money...regretted ever since!

May 2015, after years of searching...I found and bought this one from a fellow Marine about to deploy: Red 92 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 4.0 Inline 6.

It's a fixer upper: Has rust around the windshield / Rust on the rear left side frame / Rust on the driver side Quarter panel. lastly, all the mirror / hood latches, everything that is black or chrome needs to be replace. Jeep has been sitting in storage and exposed to the elements while the Marine was on deployment so the jeep also needs paint.
The plan and work in progress..Started n June.

So far:

Repair Rust on the rear Frame (cut and weld new metal)
Replace wind shield frame
Replace quarter panel with new one
Engine tune up and cleaning and new motor mounts
before and after
Replaced Muffler

31' Mickey Thompsons tires (5) (arrived last week 7/3/15)
IMG_0830.JPG IMG_0831.JPG
Dick Cepek Black outs 5 Wheels (Arrived 1 week before the tires)

Friday (before 4th of july) i stripped the jeep and going in for paint and body work. Painting it RED. Here is what the jeep looked like as of Friday 7/3/15

Ordered and received bunch of exterior accessories and replacement parts...Door latches, Hood latches and windshield kit, new mirrors and relocation bracket...which i'm not too crazy about yet, new vent, new license plate holder, Rear tail lights, pretty much everything outside the jeep along with the screws. Now i just need to order a Rear bumper with tire swing.

2.5" Rubicon Express Lift is in and will be installed after Paint / body work is done.

The only problems i ran into is that there is more Rust than i expected (which i will fix) and the screws were rusted (which i will also replace).

Once the lift is on, I will put the wheels on and then to the audio shop. Going to install a sound bar and upgrade the stereo system so that i can hook up my iPhone to it.. maybe also get a CB radio.

I'm really excited and will post updated pictures after body & Paint.

Keep on Jeeping on.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Next: Thinking about Lowering the gear ration just incase i get 33" tires....any suggestions? Will lowering gear ration while running 31" cause any issues? I want to be "ready" just in case i want to go bigger wheels.

Very good start. why the 31,s and not the usual 33" tires? just curious
I thought about 33"s long and hard..but i didn't want to have lower the gear ratio or lose power, since my last jeep was a 4 cyl...it had no power. I'm certain that after i put on the 31 i will regret it and want to put the 33's. I think i will be able to clear the 33's with the 2.5" lift and extra shackle lift....Another reason was financial..i wanted to dump some money in it and figure that when it's done..i can up grade the tires in about 6 months.

Next is to find a rear bumper and tire swing...any suggestions?
What are you thoughts on the tires? Would i have to lower the gear ratio? Also, for 33's what rim size do you suggest ?
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Update: July 11, 2015

Here are some work in progress pics. Currently at the body/paint shop..installed new steel windshield Frame, new quarter panel which was rusted out. Should be ready Tuesday. Now on to Next Phase: not sure whether to put the tires on first before the lift or after...Any suggestions?

Looking good!




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Update: 7/11/15.. Just got back from body shop and went directly to get the wheels put on. Dick Cepek wheels and Mickey Thompsons 31s. Currently getting lift kit. Should have back tomorrow (Thursday).






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July 23, 2015

Got it back Monday 7/20... 2.5" Rubicon lift. It drives a lot better. Smoother than it was before. Very happy.
IMG_6681.JPGIMG_6679.JPGIMG_6733.JPG IMG_6727.JPGIMG_6728.JPG

Then added the decals:

Just sent it to the Stereo shop to install:
Alpine deck / amp / speakers

Should have back later today.
Great looking Jeep. My old CJ was the same - rode so much better after putting a new lift on.
update: 7/29/2015

Installed ALPINE DECK / Amp / Speakers and one sub. It's loud enough to get me a ticket :)


Also changed out the hardtop screws and installed these twist on...awesome!! wish they made some for the front windshield channel...they probably do, but i haven't found any.. makes taking the top off easier.

I smoked out the side markers and the front markers/blinker lights and changed out he headlight bezel and put a black bezel so that the chrome grill stands out. Added black decals and american tactical flag..... i think it looks pretty good....Any comments on that ?

Next step is to add a rocker panel or something for the side rocker as there are holes that were done by the previous owner...not sure what he had on, but i need to cover them up. Also plan on linex the side bumpers and rear bumper brinks BLACK.

I"ll keep you'll posted.
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Took some time off to pamper the wife :)

I got her involved with the build and she he made me a red cushion for my center consol. wife is happy now :)




Received the Rockers but not sure if i like it or not...so i haven't installed them, i just placed them with a vice grip and see if it grows on me..

Any thoughts anyone?




I purchased the Rear Bumper and the tire carrier. I also ordered a new Gas Tank skid plate which should arrive sometime next week. Once its here, i will install all 3 a the same time. This will complete the exterior.



Then it's the interior. Just planning on insulation and carpet. When i purchased it, the interior tub was linex bed lined which made the drain plugs difficult to install.

Any recommendation on the carpet / insulation? i want to reduce the noise and heat.

More to come soon.
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I'm not sure about the rockers and the nerf bars. I'd go one or the other (probably the rockers). Really just a personal preference.
Be careful when you install the rockers if you make them permanent - you'll probably want to put some silicone

Your Jeep's looking great.
I plan on riveting the rockers on and adding an adhesive along with silicone on the seams to avoid the moisture. Just not sure on which type of adhesive to use.

I"m not a fan of the chrome nerf bars, so these might be coming off or coated black. I would like to have some type of step assistant for the wife and kids. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the feed back :)

So nice to see her transformation! Not fan of chrome here either, go black.
Aug 14, 2015

Just got the gas tank skid plate, rear bumper and tire carrier installed. image-283527915.jpg


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Replaced the hard door window outer weather strip and inner felt which was little challenging...the old ones were cracked and dry. Used vice grips to pinch where the metal hooks are and pulled straight up.

Installing the felt and strips was little challenging because i did not remove the windows. I did have to use a screwdriver to help assist and push the hooks flush on the door panel and in order to make it into the slot (window was in the way)
IMG_1811.jpg IMG_1809.jpg

I also installed a new front bumper and removed the Chrome Nerf bars
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April 27, 2016 Update: I've had some issues with the engine losing power...I've posted a thread on that.

I haven't done any work to it, but I have a list:
New Engine
Replace rear axle assembly to a Dana 44 or something with a locker..just not sure which kind.
Replace Heater motor as the heater inside squeals
Replace door fuses, none work
1" body lift
A set of 33' Tires to swap every now and then.
Second Gear grinds a little so I may need to replace the transmission.
the list keeps growing $$$$.