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I recently purchased a 2011 Wrangler and have been experiencing the Death Wobble. It started out just happening when I hit ahard bump going about 60mph (road transfer from the onramp to the highway.) Now it seems to happen more frequent like just taking a left curve on the highway, Ifeel my left tire bouncing a lot too. There are so many great tips helpful information on what could becausing this issue, is there any way to determine what is causing it or do Ijust have to go down the checklist of items?
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Well if you had DW sand let it go and it happened a number of times for a good period,,, you might have damaged more components than what caused the origional issue.

Do a dry steer test and check your drive shaft and front axel u-joints. Also check the wheel bearings and ball joints. Shocks too.

Don't just swap parts without verifying they are bad.
Everytime I have a wobble issue I take it to my local tire shop and have all my tires spun balanced to make sure thats good. If that dosnt cure your problem ( Yes) you need to check the list one by one.

I hope this helps.

I figured this one out with a little help. The short answer is warped brake rotors and a failing, or failed, steering shock / damper. Dodge / Chrysler are notorious for making brakes too small for vehicles. I had a lot of metal left on my rotors, and would have never have guessed that they were warped. Use premium quality brake parts, replace your steering shock with a new one, and make sure that your power steering fluid is still good.

If your tires are good and balanced. .....I would recommend strting with the parts that cost less..... iv herd that dw can start with any vibration I the front end and a bump can trigger it...... the fix can be as simple as tire balance or loose parts .....and go as far as suspension. In my case I had dw I started with the searing dampener moved to the breaks and then changed my tires and rims wich fixed the problem

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Mine was caused by a bad bushing in the front track bar. Best thing to do is just start checking everything in front to look for the bad parts.
I have a 2011 with Death Wobble too. Had all the regular checks such as tie rods and suspension stabilizers, balances and alignments. No one could figure out why so I did my own research and found a few posts about the track bar bolts being originally manufactured with the wrong size. Told the car shop and they didn't agree becuase with the general check my bolts seemed tight. However when I asked them to take it apart they found that it was true, actually becuase the bolts were 14mm bolts(stock size) and should actually be 9/16(grade 8 thread) they had worn my metal into an oval shape. So they welded it back to normal circle size and replaced with the 9/16" bolts and BAM!! FIXED! Also I had them change my shocks becuase the front right was getting stuck halfway up into compression. Do your research on the bolt size of the track bar. That was THE ONLY thing that worked for me after spending tons of money replacing everything else! Please email me directly if you have any questions. I wish it would have been easier to find this info, I could have saved a ton of money.

Good to hear.. Do you have pics to share? Besides the bolts the 07-16 have issues with the track bar bushings failing prematurely. The bolt is a large part of the issue.

I guess keep in mind you may still have an issue down the road.