Death Wobble reported on new Wrangler JL


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A handful of owners have reported experiencing the dreaded “Jeep Death Wobble” to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), according to the Detroit Free Press.

The issue, which hasn’t actually led to any known deaths or been officially deemed a safety hazard, is a violent vibration felt through the steering wheel, usually at high speeds. Its cause is sometimes hard to pin down, but is typically blamed on loose or worn parts in the steering system for the Wrangler’s solid front axle. It’s also common in other vehicles that use a solid front axle, including heavy-duty pickup trucks and the Mercedes G-Class SUV.

NHTSA told the Detroit Free Press that it is looking into the complaints. In the past, similar investigations resulted in the agency determining that the wobble did not pose a significant safety risk.

Jeep has nevertheless addressed Wrangler steering system problems through several Technical Service Bulletins over the years, which instruct mechanics how to deal with a known issue that doesn’t require a recall.

With the track bar bracket frame weld issue I'm not surprised. Wonder if they are still using smaller diameter bolts.


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