Different kind of YJ

Nice!Now it's time to get it to the track and post some numbers.:coolpics:
It kind-a-sorta reminds me of the "drag" car off the TV show "The Monsters". Some flames coming out, and I think you would have it.:flamethro

Which Munster car? Their coach or grandpa's coffin car?

We weighed the car and it is 2906 pounds (between 710 and 780 at each corner). The engine was rated at 450 HP. According to 1/4 Mile ET Calculator
I should do 11.43 at the track. But the car feels much quicker than that. Like I said, although it has been over 20 years, I had driven cars that were said to run in the 12's and I had no problem driving them all out. This thing really frightened me, but maybe it is just because I am not used to the power (or perhaps I am just getting old LOL). I have to keep driving it around and getting the feel of it before I would venture to the track. Which reminds me that having the car street legal gives me a huge advantage to someone with a track only car. The only time they would get to drive it is at the strip, and since you can only make a few passes on a crowded day, it would take a long time to get comfortable in your own car.
Conventional wheelie bars will be a problem. Since my fuel cell and battery box protrude through the floor, the wheelie bars can not mount straight to the differential. I am thinking about having something come out of the back of the traction bars, perhaps. I have to speak with the chassis fabricator, Bobby, to see what ideas he has. But he already showed me that a standard mounting will not work.

If its a huge problem treat like a tractor pull and add some huge weights to the front.:lol:

Here is a video for ya.

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Now I am busy getting the little things done-stereo and electronic speedo not working so I have to find the wiring problem, trimming floormats to fit around the cage, installing all new weatherstripping (pain in the a$$ trying to remove the one around the door), etc. And I just ordered a new mechanical fuel pump to replace the noisey Holley Black that prevents me from hearing that lovely engine.
I think its freakin sweet!!! who cares if it cant climb a mountain. Show them city boys and gurls how jeeps roll. Let me know how she does at the track. Good build my friend.
Or different flares, which is one of my future projects. I also want to eliminate the parking light in the flare, since I installed a small LED amber light on the fender.

It kind-a-sorta reminds me of the "drag" car off the TV show "The Monsters". Some flames coming out, and I think you would have it.:flamethro

I met someone at a car show last Sunday that does stripping. He offered to do my car (for free), then I went home and did some masking and painting. I saw him a couple of days later and he said he would do the rest of the car for me.


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Hey Lee, I found an old pic of my old black YJ!! yeah I used to own one too. I didn't want to drop it because my swampers would o rubbed.


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imagine what that could have done in the MUD... Nice Jeep! Not my style but everybody's got their own taste.
I had my Jeep at the shop today putting in a front stabilizer (single shock). Huge difference, by the way. Several people that came by asked if it was still four wheel drive. I told them that I didnt need it anymore, since my rear tires are now twice as wide so I get the same amount of traction:lol:


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Gets lots of attention at shows. Took it to the track a few days ago-best time 13.1. Needs head work-rocker studs never threaded and pulling out. Plan on getting Edelbrock heads and roller cam for an actual 410-430 HP.


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