dont have a jeep but want to get one


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I dont have a jeep but my friend has one and I want one. Where do you think is the best place to get one and which one is the best for a 1st time jeeper? :-?

Thanx ;-) [addsig]


ive always like the private party seller, because chances are they know more about the car they're selling, and they tend to be cheaper, but you do tend to get certian perks from a far as the best to get, its pretty much up to 1. ur price range, and 2. what you want. Personaly im a wrangler man myself, and that opens up to which model wrangler. the CJs are great machines, but if ur looking for a daily driver/occasional off roader, maybe not ur best bet. The cherokee is also a great ride, maybe a little more suited for the road but ask anyone whos ever wheeled in one and they'll tell you they do just fine. lots of choices to make, but im sure all these fine folks will have no reservations about helping you along

Going jeep was the probably best moved i made when it comes to vehicles, i owned a escort , a ranger, and a blazer, but the jeep is the best vehicle i have ever owned, extremeley durable, the worst thing i have done to my jeep was crack a radiator and that is nothing, i own a cherokee but wished i got a wrangler just cuz i like how the doors can come off and how they look really good all built up like a monster machine, but i love my cherokee, its been good to me , you wont regret getting a jeep, all the people on this board have been nothing but helpful and kind to me with all my problems, so if your going to get a jeep make sure its something that you will like, maybe you should test drive all diffrent kinds of models before making a final judgement, its all about how you want a vehicle to preform, im sorry im rambling because im tired good luck to you and and with any desision you make[addsig]


Located in Socal next to Sully and im lookin in a small price range hopin to find an old one that still runs good but i can work on and is good for a younger unexperienced driver to get a feel for offroadin before gettin to serious[addsig]

Buy from a Jeeper or better yet buy from a rich daddys girl or boy who all of a sudden want to go with a different style this month. Look for a bargan in the want ads in your local paper. There is one out there looking for a good home. tug[addsig]


I've been lookin and I found a couple nice ones but there all on the east coast and said they would not ship :-( [addsig]


You can check, too.
(And has many.)

Near the end of this month I am hoping to
begin my hunt for a CJ7 for a daily driver
and project toy (and a future Hemi swap).

I found mine on the side of the road with a For Sale sign on it. I bought it the next day. Just spend a few hours a week driving around. By me theres hundreds of cars sitting in people's lawns with F/S signs on them.


Hey..first of all, welcome....second of all, put the shifter back in nuetral, and turn the ignition off.

There are a couple of questons one must ask him/herself nefore buying a Jeep (or any other vehicle for that matter).

A. What, if any is the alotted budget for the vehicle. Are you spending cash, or is a payment plan an option.

B. Are you lookng for a weekend fun machine, or is this going to be a daily driver. Do you have a family and need reliable transportaton without much expense, or is it okay to shell out a couple of hundred bucks once in awhile ?

C. As far as off-roading, what will you be tackling as far as terrain? Mud, water, rocks, a little of all three ? Are the trails your going to go on extreme, or are they more like a little challenge on a Sunday afternoon.

If you answer these three questions, I'm sure we can offer you a more practicle and proper answer to your question. I just don't want to stear you in the wrong direction.

That said, I welcome you to the world of Jeepers. Sit down, hang on, and please do NOT shut up, we all help each other out, and your opinion here is priceless.


:p :cool: :) [addsig]


Welcome joeda21, we have all
been where you are now, don't
worry,,,, and DON"T RUSH.

(See smokeater's post above)
Very, very well put Rob.

Follow the Smokeater's advice,

I would humbley add that in addition
to Budget, Purpose, and type of trails,
you might after you have decided check
and see if you will be able to afford the
required mods. Seems all of my TJ
parts are well more then the YJ and CJ.
Lifts are like double almost.

Please don't be discouraged,
YOUR Rig IS out there.

(fyi, I am very pleased with my Dec 2002
purchase, but it damn near killed me to
answer the same questions and WAIT
until I found the perfect one for me.
6 months of searching the entire
'Republic' of Texas.) most don't
take so long, but mine did.

Good luck new friend,
we are here to help anytime you need.[addsig]
Hi there,

It's great to hear that you're interested in getting a Jeep! For a first-time Jeeper, I'd recommend looking into models like the Jeep Wrangler or the Jeep Cherokee. The Wrangler is iconic and fantastic for off-roading, while the Cherokee provides a bit more comfort and practicality for daily use.

As for where to buy one, you should check out this link: Cars45 Jeep listings. They have a wide range of Jeep models to choose from, and you can compare prices and features to find the perfect one for you.

Good luck with your search!
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