Ford gpw 1942


Sharing pictures of my FORD GPW 1942
Hope u will like them
Will appreciate you valued comments


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Welcome aamir567 to . Thank you for your membership and thank you for your pictures . We appreciate jeeps of all makes and models and from members anywhere ! If your a keeper , your welcome to ! I see you've got the M151 combat rims with non-directional tires mounted. Nice look . Looks like you've got one very capable jeep. Any other modifications ? Original engine , transmission , transfer case and differentials ? I'm certain that all are likely to be rebuilt given the age of the vehicle. Looking at the transmission and transfer case shift levers , was wondering if you changed the drivetrain to the M151 as well.
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You are absolutely right about the wheel rims. They r of M 151. Although I also have original rims for my FORD GPW 1942.
Most of the parts are original.

Few action pictures of my GPW


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Thank you for your pictures . Very nice restoration ! I'm sure your jeep will serve you well for a long time. Very sure your jeep club is proud to have such a fine jeep in its collection .
Picture taken at one of Islamabad Jeep Club event


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Outstanding ! You guys are awesome ! Looks like a well organized jeep club ! It's great to know the jeep way of life is alive and well around the world , photos are always welcome . Jeep stories are welcome too !
Another set of pics from my picture gallery


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Awesome pictures ! The articulation of the stock suspension of MB and GPW jeeps is where the off road jeep for recreation all began . These pictures will get the spirit of anyone to go off road and keep four wheeling alive ! A man and his jeep . It's a beautiful thing !
the recovery of the green jeep demonstrates the awesome potential of a jeep.
When I was a boy , my first love was an MB or GPW . I then grew to love the CJ . To date , the CJ is still the jeep of my dreams but your photos remind me of when I was fascinated with the willys and ford . When I finally can afford a cj5 , I've a feeling I may just start thinking of an MB or GPW again . The jeep is the ultimate man versus machine conquest.
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Great photos. Is the cage a new addition or did it come out for the restoration?

I love the old 4x4s but no roll cage keeps me from getting one.
Man ! Would you check out that jeep jamboree ! They sure got it goin' on ! I totally dig their stompin' grounds ! Jeepergeo , if you can get your hands on a MB or GPW , don't let the lack,of safety equipment stop you , where there's a will , there's a way ! Another willys or ford is ALWAYS welcome ! I know your well aquainted with the fact that we speak jeep here and are all too happy to woo awesome jeeps like Amir 567 owns. Hey , hope to see pics of one you get ! Go'for it !
I never wanted to install Rollcage on my GPW but got lot of criticism from world 4x4community & pressure from my fellow IJCians
These pictures were taken few years back


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Admittedly , the roll bars do sort of look out of place on this fine looking jeep but I don't think they look so bad either as the bars don't stand out too much . They appear to just be there for their intended purpose and don't stand out any more than that. I fully understand why you wouldn't want the bars on , everyone loves the original look of this model which never originally came with roll bars.