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everyone seems to like the ford 8.8 off the explorer but you never hear anyone say anything about the ford 7.5 from the rangers. i have always wondered why? i have an 04 ranger edge which has factory 4.10s and mine is not locked but tons are.

and, according to the ranger guys, for them there is no point in going up to an 8.8 rear end because the 7.5 uses the same size axles. they skip the 8.8 and go up to whatever the big axles are when they get huge monster tires and lifts.

since the 8.8 from the explorer is wider than the jeep rear ends, and the 8.8 is also wider than the ranger rear ends, it seems like a ranger 7.5 would be a great swap into a jeep. same size axles as the 8.8 and same ratios but even more common than the explorers and sounds like the same width as a dana 35.

you guys have any ideas on why no one uses ranger rear ends?

Ford 7.5-Inch Rear Axle History & Specs - The Ranger Station
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The only thing i could think of is the thickness of the ring and teeth may be .

Looking at Richmond gear 8.8 has more options.
The 7.5 has 3.73, 4.10 and 4.56
The 8.8 has 3.55, 3.73, 3.89, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.88

7.5 similar high gear sets.
8.8 has 28 and 31 spline
3.08 to 5.13

The only other thing is the 8.8 is well documented.
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it jsut seems for the average guy, those 3.73, 4.10, and 4.56 are the common ones everyone wants so the 7.5 ford rear end would be a better swap. especially if its the same width and everything basically bolts in place

Old thread I know, but I was just reading this.
I wonder if the 7.5 came stock with disc brakes. That would be a plus.
The 8.8 is a C clip axle, but the disc brakes keep a broken shaft from walking all the way out.
There is a disk conversion for the 7.5

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