Gold mountain trail , big bear CA


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Though I don't have a wrangler, I do own a renegade trailhawk and am interested in taking on Gold Mountain trail if anyone would like to join. Wednesday 19th around 1pm. I will most likely get stuck so I am reaching out to anyone with a bigger rig that would join me up in the mountains. Thanks

I'm out in Virginia so won't be able to go. If you do go out though make sure you have towpoints front and rear (I believe the trailhawks all have these) as well as a tow strap.

Great to meet you fellow so cal jeeper! By all means if your sister wants to come with us, she's more than welcome
There are a couple areas on that trail you will want to avoid, the rock garden for sure. The bypass may have snow this time of year.

I would aim for the rock garden, not avoid it !