Greetings from the thriving metropolis of Augusta, GA


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Hello, folks. Not new to Jeeps, just this forum.

Found an interesting thread about a blown center console subwoofer with useful info, and decided to join.

On my third jeep ('00 TJ, '01 XJ, now '03 TJ). Been hooked since my dad had his '78 CJ-7 when I was a kid. Lots of great memories.

Just moved back from Atlanta where I had easy access to the mountains and gobs of trails and power line runs. In Augusta, the pickins are slim.

Anyone happen to know of places to get my mistress dirty in this area (or in the Aiken-Columbia SC region)? I only call her my mistress because that's what my wife seems to think of my TJ. When people comment on it, her usual reply is "oh, that's his baby". Hmm...makes me wonder how she refers to the kids...

As soon as this one is paid off, I have permission to go hog-wild on customization. So far, only some grill inserts, light protection, and a cool Olympic rear bumper with integrated 2" receiver - by far the most practical addition. The Definity MT tires I bought have tenacious grip - even at the stock size. And there's just something about that roar at highway speeds... My eventual plan is a modest lift, black rims and 31" or 32" tires. Likely a locking rear diff, too.

My 'baby' is Khaki metallic in color, and I like the look of all black accessories and rims with that color.

Enough of my rambling. Thanks for reading.

-Joe M.-

Welcome to Jeepz.. That's funny that you call your Jeep your Mistress. My wife seems to think the same on my CJ7..