Hello so I have a question I can't seem to find an answer to as far as my jeep


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So I was coming to a slow stop at a stop sign an as I was coming to the stop on the break the engine stalled radio cut off an it felt like the steering wheel locked up check gages came on. I would like to know if anyone else has dealt with this with their jeep or if they have any idea of why it started doing this. Just recently replaced the starter because a week ago I couldn't get the engine to turn over it just kept clicking

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For the radio to cut out, id look at the battery and ignition connections.
Did you check the codes?
When check gages lit up was any of the gages showing high or low readings?

On the battery this is the time of the year they go bad. Get it load tested. The clean the connections. Inspect power and ground wires for corrosion. Clean the ground connection to the engine and body.

Recheck your starter connections.

The only other time i had an issue when stopping was a loose tps connection.

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