Iron Duke or Odd Fire Buick V6?


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I am in the process of a CJ-3B build. Soon it will be time for an engine. The original was an I4 F-head 134 Hurricane with about 70-75 horse power. I'm looking at two prospects, an Iron Duke out of an old 80 CJ-5 with a whopping 90 horse power or an Odd fire Buick V6 with about 145-150 horse power :bomb: I'll be running the stock transmission & transfercase with a Warn OD unit, Dana 44 rear and 25 front with lock-rights in both. What do you think, Iron Duke 4 cyl. Pontiac or Odd-fire V6 Buick ?:shades:
More horses the better, Buick V6..

Yeah, I think you're right, I'ld get that little Pontiac motor in there and realize wouldn't I rather have a buick.


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I think the odd fire Buick 231 is a good choice. I was going to put one in a kit car.
I'm working on mine 4.3 feul injected with dual exhaust sm420 trans/dana 18 tranfercase fits like a glove as I test fit it but well see after I install it lol

Ill post a few tommrow need to take some lol





Heres a few of the 4.3 going in fits tight like a glove and no room for error
since I need to keep clearance from front diff and drive shaft and still allow room for exhaust!!!
I've been flip floppin all over the place as to what motor I want. I think I may have a F-134 by the end of the week if all goes well this week. If so, I may be doing a parts run up at ya. See what happens.

I still have all the fixins and 134 if your interested make me an offer

I need the room in my garage for all the other goodies for the 3B :cookout::piratenanner:
I know it's late, but I would have suggested a 2.5L 4 banger since you have the warn OD, and gear it as deep as possible
i'd go with a duke ... i'm going to keep mine, but put a deeper 1st gear transmission in... and some bigger front brakes... and...... oh who knows...
found what you seen this on another site a while back this is what a tight fit is all about lol.


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found what you seen this on another site a while back this is what a tight fit is all about lol.

OK, I KNOW that it is common thought that one can never have too many guages, horsepower and torque but when does too many turn into obsessed craziness? THAT IS NUTZ!!!!:crazy:
that must get about 3 miles per gallon but its sick!!! its about whos more nutz :crazy: :lol: