Jeep Grande Cherokee Laredo 2013 HELP

Jeep Drives ok now… but idles and shakes bad when at a stop. Feels like it’s coming from the front. Any thoughts?

150,000 miles

Both head gaskets
Both cam sensors
Reset timing
Both oxygen sensors
Oil pressure sensor
Spark plugs
Spark plug coils
Oil cooler
Fuel injectors

So is the engine idle and the shakes the same thing?
Shakes when not in gear or must be in gear?

Open the hood. Watch the engine as you start it. Is is jumping back and forth? How about with foot on brake and in gear if you give some gas or just go from drive to reverse with foot on brake? Engine rocking?

If not that and is only at engine idle, then check the connection to the TPS. Manually with engine off open and close the butterfly valve in the TB 30-50 times. Better yet clean the TB and IAC.
iAC controls air into the engine at idle.

There is a thread with how to clean a TB for dummies. Its very Thorough and easy to follow.

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