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Hi All,

Just purchased a 2020 Wrangler Sport S and looking for ideas for safe pet travel. Noticed that when up put the rear seats down, there a space between the rear area and back seats. Folks have mentioned placing blankets in the cervices to prevent the dogs legs getting stuck in there. Has anyone come up with an alternative? Also, with 3 big dogs, slobber can be a about fitted seat covers (I know that WeatherTech sells that the best option. Open to ideas.


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well dont this suck. aint no one got an idea.
I'm out of idea as well. Not all dogs might be comfortable having blankets on their cervices. My friend recently installed a lift kit and bigger mud tires on his Wrangler TJ and his Lab needed a ladder to get in and out safely.
moving blanket?

no idea here, dogs generally were not allowed in the vehicles because they rode in the truck bed (leashed so they don't try and jump out or hang themselves because i have seen both of those and thats a sad way for a dog to die).

Just cut a piece a fiber board to fit the entire area. If they’re larger dogs maybe a piece of plywood.

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My dogs are not on a leash in the back of the jeep. I am fortunate enough my 2 dogs aint nutten close to that jeep. Got this dog jake, I never hit my dogs. But today I had to make cat strikes towards him cause he was so excited about going for a ride and wouldnt listen. Hmmmm I got off topic. sorry folks.
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I have a 2014 2 door wrangler and haven’t had my back seat installed in about 6 years. I have 2 dogs about 50 lbs each. I traveled 28k miles around the country with them in the back of my jeep. I layed a blanked in the back and stuffed some in the foot rests and never had any problems. The only thing I didn’t like was them getting in the front seat and having to get their leash out to get them back into the back. I installed a best top pet barrier in my jk for the last 8k miles of the trip and have loved it ever since. Image1663782569.580724.jpgIMG_0085.JPG

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that seems like something that would be automatic for people with dogs in the vehicle, those barrier cages.
I had thought about those cages type. Bsteered away from it. too complicated expensive for what I need for it to do. I have a wood accordian gate you use in the house, a couple of bumgie cords, and a blanket over the top of the gate. Cheap, tear down and assemble quickly. Yes I be hillbilly.
The rear of the jeep, oh boy. I didnt think the dogs was brave to jump out of the rear of my wrangler. I was wrong, so I used bungee chords going across the roll bars to keep them in. I'll let ya know the outcome. One drive so far was cool.