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I need some advice, I am looking to get a little bigger tires. I have added a Hardtop and full doors and I have Raptor Lined the whole jeep inside and out, I am currently running 27s and I am thinking about going up to 30's just because I don't want anything to big this is my everyday driver and I have to worried about gas and driving and parking garages. I have always heard that if you go any bigger then 30 you will have to change gears and your gas mileage go's to hell. I currently only have a 4 banger in it now but I have create motor ready to go in but I am first of all worried about the smog I have 2 yrs left before I don't have that issue anymore. So what would you say I do. O Ya I am putting in a 3" body lift next week so I need to get the tires soon.



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3 inches is alot of body lift. I'd suggest staying around 1 - 2" or so. I also have a feeling that after you put on that much lift, your 30s are going to look small.

On a side note, are your front springs flat, or do they still have some arch in them? It's hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like your jeep sits lower in the front.
YJ's have very small fender openings so you need 2.5"-3" of lift to fit 30" tires. You'll pretty much lose the use of 5th gear on the highway but other than that it's not too bad.
The springs have some arch but it is sitting on a downhill. It surprisingly level most I see will sage in the back but this one is in good shape. What do you think for springs over axel, is that an options or is that just as expencive as a lift kit, Thank you for the info I dont want to lose the 5 gear but it sounds like if I want to get any highth then I will. I think I am just going to spend the money and get a 2.5 suspention lift (Skyjacker 2.5" Sport Series Suspension Lift Kit with Hydro Shocks 589.00) they have the Skyjacker 2.5" Rock Ready Suspension Lift Kit with Hydro Shocks for 300.00 more but I dont think it is worth it, some thing about double militarty raped whatever I dont realy do that much wheeling. I would like to but evertime I do something breaks and it cost me more money, and in the winter its my only mode of transpertation cant ride the harley in the snow. Thanks again and if you can anything else let me know.

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