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My 03 jeep Rubicon 4.0 has issues starting or long cranking then start. Problem has been cold starting but after heating up, if I turn it off it won?t start immediately back up until it cools. I?m no mechanical guru thank god for YouTube. I?ve replaced the fuel pump and crankshaft sensor. But no change. The starter has just started to stick and not engage. Question: can it be the root of all evil? TIA.

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If it only long starts after heat soak. Put a jacket around injector number 3. You could do all injector if you like. What is happening is the hot exhaust is just below the intake and there was s tinfoil heat shield blocking the heat. Without the shield the heat boils the gas causing vapor lock. Until pressure pushes enough cool gas through the hot tube the gas will boil keeping vapor locked.

Edit: another thing. If it long cranks often it might be the check valve in the pump. Turn your key to on but not start listen for the fuel pump to stop. Turn key off then immediately
On and start.

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