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Subject: Comfort Suites Moab

To Whom It May Concern: May 3, 2007

On Thursday, April 26, 2007 we arrived at Comfort Suites Moab. We checked in and the receptionist told us that she was going to authorize my credit card for one night and when we checked out we could put it on whatever credit card we wanted. Since I used my credit card to book the room we did the authorization on my credit card that was already on file. We checked out on Sunday, April 29, 2007. My fiancé went to the front desk, gave them his credit card and paid for the room, got a receipt for payment and we were on our way.

On Monday, April 30, 2007, when I went online in the morning to check my bank account, there was a transaction in the amount of $535.44 that had been charged to my account. The exact amount of the cost of the room for three nights. Already, because I had used my credit card on Thursday and Friday, there were six overdraft charges in the amount of $35 each, for a total of $210 on my account.

I called Comfort Suites Moab and I asked to speak to a Manager. A man by the name of Brandon Johnson identified himself as the Manager. I explained the situation to him. I understand that mistakes happen, I just wanted it fixed and the bank charges reversed. I did not feel that it was my fault and most companies when they make a mistake are willing to do whatever it takes to fix a problem as a part of good customer service (especially if it is their fault) to take care of the customer.

He proceeded to tell me that it was my fault because I used a bank card (debit) and that the bank that I was banking with was "crappy" because their overdraft fees were so high. He then admitted that the clerk had made a mistake, the credit card machine had not been working on Sunday and she accidentally charged the wrong credit card. She only took an imprint of my fiancé's card and later in the day charged my card instead. Brandon said he would credit my credit card and charge my fiancé's card. I verified with my fiancé' that his card had not already been hit and then authorized the Manager to charge the correct credit card while we were on the phone. He said that he had just ran the card and it had gone through and that he had issued a credit to mine. I then asked him what he was going to do about the $210 in service fees that had been taken out of my account because of this mistake.

I was once again told that my card and bank were worthless. He advised me that it was not his policy to pay for bank fees, that he had never paid for bank fees and that he would not be paying for my bank fees. He said that it wasn't his fault that I used my credit card to book the room. I insisted that he call my bank and speak to someone and explain what had happened. He took the number and agreed to call my bank. He called me back after talking to Janae at US Bank and told me that I would have to call them and that there was nothing that he could do to help me.

I then called my bank. I spoke with the same woman as Brandon. I explained the situation to her and she told me that she had received a call from Brandon at Comfort Suites and that he was very, very rude to her. She said that she told him that he didn't need to be so rude to her about the situation. She advised him that when a merchant makes a mistake that they always pay the service fees for the customer if it was their fault. I was then told by her that she would check with her Manager and call me back.

When I arrived home from work, I called Brandon again to find out if there was anything further that he was willing to do to assist me with the problem of the cost of the service fees that was caused by his staff. The phone call was approximately 30 minutes long. I have never been treated so disrespectfully. I once again asked him to pay for the fees that were incurred because of this mistake. He said that he would not do that. I said that we had really enjoyed the stay at the hotel and that we go to Moab quite often with various Jeeping clubs and 4X4 clubs. He asked me what I wanted him to do to get me off of the phone. I told him that I wanted the fees paid for. He refused. I then suggested that he give me a voucher for a room at Comfort Suites and we would use it the next time that we were in Moab.

He then told me the following:
"No, way. I will not do that! I do not want you to stay here ever again because I don't want to have to go through this again!" I asked him if he was kidding. Are you kidding me? Who says that to a customer? What kind of customer service is that? I repeatedly asked to speak to his Manager. He told me that he owned the Hotel and would not divulge any additional information regarding who else I could speak to. I later found out that he is a co-owner with his family of this hotel.

As soon as I completed my phone call with Brandon, I called my bank and they advised me that they would be happy to waive the $210 in service fees as they could clearly see that it was not my fault.

It doesn't end there. On Tuesday, May 1, 2007, an additional charge in the amount of $535.44 was posted to my account. This put me overdrawn again with more service fees. I contacted Brandon once again, and he said that he credited my card and that what I was telling him was impossible. There was still no transaction placed on my fiancés credit card. I advised him to leave the accounts alone and that I would take care of it myself.

I filed a formal complaint online on May 2, 2007 on the Choice Hotels website.

Today, I was notified by my fiancé that they also charged his bank account, he now has fees associated with the charge made and my bank told me to report my transaction from yesterday as fraudulent because it was not authorized.

My fiancé is associated with, and has friends and associates that are affiliated with, Quadratec, JP Magazine, 4 Wheel Parts Co., Wasatch 4X4, and various Jeep clubs. Bottom-line is that I was treated so terribly by this hotel Manager and I want something done about it. I do not want any of our friends or associates to have to have an experience such as this. There are so many people that we know that travel to Moab that would not stay at Comfort Suites because of a Manager like this. It is unfortunate that one person can put such a tainted picture on something that should have been so nice. I understand that mistakes happen, but we all have the choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing. In this case, it was completely handled the wrong way by the Manager at Comfort Suites Moab.


Tonya Walser
West Jordan, Utah

I feel for my friends, who have to deal with this. Tim and Tonya shouldn't have to deal with it. The manager should taken care of it right away. This one one hotel thats off my lists.
Utah Jeeper.

I feel for my friends, who have to deal with this. Tim and Tonya shouldn't have to deal with it. The manager should taken care of it right away. This one one hotel thats off my lists.
Utah Jeeper.

someone post the managers fax number and email address.
We'll fix him, jeep-style:D
I just faxed him a nice note about the power of the internet and how Jeepers stick together.

Even better...send a fax to his phone line. That's annoying as he11.
I had my own problems with the very same hotel a couple of years ago.

It is a shame, too, as it was a nice place to stay.

I will not stay there again.

I am placing a call right now...


what should i write to them in an email!?

tell them thanks to the internet you now know how they treated the Walsers and you are going to spread the word about how they do people.
maybe if we keep it up, every time someone googles the Comfort Suites Moab and Brandon Johnson it will tag one of these threads.
Sent him a lovely letter....Comfort Suites, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, etc. are all part of the same chain. Spread the love, my fellow Jeeperz.
No word as of yet...I will talk with Tim tomorrow and post the latest.
Though Tonya was in tears will all of your replies and words sent to Comfort inn

No word as of yet...I will talk with Tim tomorrow and post the latest.
Though Tonya was in tears will all of your replies and words sent to Comfort inn

I was just getting ready to fax Brandon a sheet of black paper so his fax will be out of ink:purple: :purple: :purple:

The latest and greatest....

No They refuse to make any corrective action. The have admitted it was their fault However Brandon Johnson the manager said he never wants us back there and he refuses to satisfy the overdraft charges incurred. After Tonya told him to leave our accounts alone and we would take care of it I used my account to pay bills and then they charged my account for the room Oh My hell That caused an overdraft on my account that cost us an additional 19.00, The first overdraft charge that I have had since opening the account 14 years ago. They could offer a me the world at this point an it would be unacceptable. Tonya was treated as if she was a third class citizen and he refused to speak with me I will sleep in my jeep before I ever stay there again and I highly suggest that all Jeepers say clear of that establishment unless they want to be treated with disrespect and resentment. How is the .7500 hole going to work for the Long arm kit? Let me know if there are any additional tooling needs for the project. Thanks for getting the word out there on the comfort suites lack of customer service.
I just left a message for Brandon stating that I am with a magazine writing a story about the Ultimate Moab Experience, and in it we are listing the best and worst accomodations, and we wanted to allow his company a chance to respond to the article before going to print.
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I think we should e-mail him a link to this thread so he can have a chance to respond or at least get blessed out.
How many times was the card actually overcharged?
Personally I think we could skip the hotels and find a nice spot on a trail...

Might want to slide that rock behind the tire first or wake up with a diff cover on your forehead. Makes my back hurt looking.