Recommendations for LED Headlights/Bulbs for 2021 JL


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I have zero knowledge about this, and am looking for recommendations for a relatively simple, “inexpensive” solution for my 2021 (JL) Unlimited Sahara Altitude. My bumper has (white) LED fog lights. My headlights are factory standard (kinda dim yellow), not LED. Can I replace just the bulbs with LEDs or do I need to replace the actual headlight assemblies? Of either one, which type/brand would you suggest? TIA

Looking at my wife's 19 jl, with the same issue, i am going to get some led bulbs off amazon or ebay. I looked at brand names ones this morning but they were 98 bucks, plus tax. I put amazon ones in all the other vehicles we have owned and had zero issues and they had good cut off so the vehicles pass safety inspection with no trouble
In my honest opinion, LED headlights that are 5000K to 5500K project the best light. Most aftermarkets are 6500K that are blue tint. While a brightness meter will pick up the peak brightness your eye will not.

I put a pair of 5000K Novolight in my son’s vehicle and loved them when we replaced with higher wattage 6500K only street signs reflected high not deer, people or trees.

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