Shackle Lift


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What is it?
The first way to raise your Jeep is the shackle lift. All Jeeps have shackles installed from the factory. The stock shackles are really just two rectangular pieces of metal bolted together. The basic idea is that the suspension leaves are connected to the jeep at one end by a hanger (essentially bolted to the frame), and the other end (nearest each end of the vehicle) is fist bolted to the shackle and then the shackle is bolted to the frame.

The install
A shackle lift is nothing more than longer shackles. You just unbolt the original shackle (after jacking up the frame of the Jeep), and replace it with the new,
extended one. It's recommended that you replace your spring bushings (the rubber "washers" that the spring and shackle rub against) with new polyurethane ones. The poly bushings will last longer, and often give you a better ride.

This is a pretty cheap way to lift your ride, shackles only cost about $30 a pair (you need two pairs to do the entire Jeep). There are many types of shackles, you at least want one with a crossbar, that is one that
instead of being two pieces of metal, is an "H&" design, all one piece.


A shackle lift can be a very bad thing if it's too long. Some people make their own, with the shackles being 5 or more inches. This can allow the spring to wiggle left and right as you drive.
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so if i do a 4 inch shackle lift will i need to swap to a longe pitman arm?

It wouldnt hurt if your having steering issues or your drag link is binding at the tie rod end when you flex out
ive got a rustys 2" bb lift and its got longer shakles and coil spacers and mine rides the same with the same shocks i had before the lift, diddnt need to change any parts, mines a cherokee but i think the shocks work the same in all cases, it alldepends on how high the lift is going to be