Simple remote starter for the old XJ


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I'd like to install remote start on my '96 XJ so I thought I'd write the boards first to get some opinions.

First, quality is important but being inexpensive follows close behind, so a simple start system will do. I'm not looking to hook up anything else like door locks or rear hatch or whatever.

Because of the truck's age the remote start might need a tach wire but I'm not entirely sure.

Any suggestions for a decent remote starter that'll work with my XJ?


I use google to see whats even available and then look for what has what i want and look for the cheapest.

I out remote start on my 17 nissan titan snd my wife's 18 mazda3 and it they were plug and play (except nissan had to turn on remote option At the dealer)

Should be inexpensive for a cherokee though