The wrong way to get your Jeep un-stuck

one might say he "flipped his lid" when this plan backfired lol
this was listed as a related video and i thought it wa funny, something tells me its this guys first time offroad lol

duckkillerclyde said:
@bugleboy Why would you get to the low side if you thought you were going to roll? seems like a good way to get crushed.

yeah lol he obviously isnt very smart, he might need to stick to being a pavement princess lol

Was the 1st video a stagged... or was somebody that light between the ears on hook'n a strap up? To the Roll bar?? Dang... Maybe dig a bigger hole and push whats left in and pile dirt over it.

I'm somehow thinking that none of these people had any brains in this deal.

sence when do you pull from the top anyway? even if it diddnt break it still woulda floped it over on its side

He has the new Lambo body hinge kit? Just forgot to lock it..